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Key game in Lombardi race
T.N.T. Jorsemen
(6-1) (4-3)


This is the game of the week as it pits the two top teams in the Lombardi division in their first matchup ever. This could develop into a good rivalry to watch. The Jorsemen have lost two straight games and have dropped 2 games back of division leading T.N.T. This game is the biggest game ever in the Jorsemen's short history as it will determine the difference between being within a game of the division lead and falling to 3 games behind, and having to focus on the wild card.

Last meeting: This is their first meeting.

The Line: T.N.T. by 5.5

Trends: Jorsemen have lost 2 in a row, T.N.T. has won 2 in a row since they were tied atop the division at 4-1. Both teams are undefeated in their division with T.N.T. at 3-0 and the Jorsemen at 2-0. T.N.T. is 4-0 on the road while the Jorsemen are just 1-3 at home.

Antz need win to compete in Landry
Dirty Dozen Fightin' Antz
(1-6) (3-4)


While the Dirty Dozen are hoping to avoid another losing streak, the Antz have some questions of their own. Both RB Marshall Faulk and RB Ricky Williams are out this week, and they will need somebody to step up and be the hero. They are in the thick of the wild card race, but are packed together with several teams. A loss could spell doom for them. The Dirty Dozen seem to be back in their role of 2001, which is merely spoiler.

Last meeting: Antz defeated the Dozen 78-40 in week 9 of 2001.

The Line: Fightin' Antz by 8

Trends: Dirty Dozen has never won a road game. Dirty Dozen is the lowest scoring team in the league, averaging just under 43 ppg. Antz have scored under 50 just once; Dozen have scored over 50 just twice.

Wolfpack need huge day to keep up
Wolfpack Rynos
(1-6) (5-2)


This game could get very ugly. The Wolfpack, however, are hoping to keep it close as they are riding a high from finally managing to pull one out last week against the Dozen. The Rynos are hungry, too, as they are coming off just their second loss all year. And with the Roscoes and Tattoo Crew right on their tails, they must win to keep setting the pace in the Halas division.

Last meeting: This is their first meeting.

The Line: Rynos by 15

Trends: Rynos lead the league in scoring. Wolfpack are #11. Wolfpack have yet to score OVER 50 points. Rynos have yet to score UNDER 65. Both of the Rynos' losses have been at home. Wolfpack are 0-3 outside of division.

Both teams looking at must-win situation
Outlaws Tattoo Crew
(3-4) (4-3)


This is a big game on both sides of the ball and an even bigger game as the wild card race heats up. One game separates these two. The Crew is just a game out of first in their division while the Outlaws need a win to keep any hope of a repeat Landry title alive. If the Outlaws do lose, their wild card hopes will be just as shaky.

The Line: Tattoo Crew by 2

Trends: Tattoo Crew has scored over 65 points in every week except for one. Outlaws scored a UFFA season low 18 points last week. Outlaws are 1-3 outside of their division. Tattoo Crew 3-1 in the same category.

Warriors playing for post season lives
Warriors Roscoes
(3-4) (4-3)


The party is looking like it is coming to an end for the Warriors. They started 3-0 this year and looked on their way to contending for a repeat championship in the Halas division. But a 4-game losing streak has tempered any hope for that. Their main focus is now the wild card, but they must make a turnaround beginning this game to even be in good shape for that. The Roscoes got some help last week and moved to within a game of the lead and hope to regain their magic from the first 3 weeks of the season as they also started 3-0.

The Line: Roscoes by 6

Trends: Warriors have lost 4 straight. Roscoes have won their only division game, but are 0-2 at home. The Warriors have the most points against as opponents are averaging almost 73 points per game.

Hottest team in the league can't let up
Night Hawks Stallions
(5-2) (3-4)


This game is a meeting between two Landry division rivals. Although the rivalry is not as strong as most others, the beginnings of a good one are brewing. The Stallions franchise handed the Hawks one of their 2 losses this season and the Hawks have revenge on the mind. The Stallions, however are on a streak of their own and are more than ready to drop the Landry division leaders.

Last meeting: Stallions(then Slackers) beat the Night Hawks 57-50 in week 2 of this season.

Night Hawks by 6.5

Trends: This game matches 2 of just 3 teams with at least 2 game winning streaks. The Stallions have won 2 in a row while the Hawks have won 3. Stallions have scored over 60 the last 3 weeks. The Hawks have done so the last 4. Hawks are the second highest scoring team n the league. Hawks are 3-0 on the road.