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Dirty Dozen don't want 17, Rynos do
Rynos Dirty Dozen
(3-1) (0-4)


It is sounding repetitive, but the Dirty Dozen want to win. With an unbelievable streak of 16 straight losses intact, nobody wants a win worse than the Dozen. Unless it's the Rynos. A loss to the Dozen would sidetrack a season that has begun in grand fashion with 3 wins. They are hoping to avoid a letdown after defeating the previously undefeated Warriors in week 4.

Last meeting: Rynos smacked around the Dirty Dozen as they lost their 10th in a row in week 11 of 2001, 80-20.

The Line: Rynos by 19.5

Trends: Rynos are the highest scoring team in the league, Dozen are the lowest. Dozen have lost......oh forget it. Rynos haven't scored less than 48 points this year, the Dozen haven't scored more than 41. Rynos won their only other road game. Dirty Dozen begin a 3-game homestand.

Tough matchup for unbeaten T.N.T.
Tattoo Crew T.N.T.
(2-2) (4-0)


The most unlikely of undefeated teams face a strong test in week 5 as they venture into the Halas division for the first time this season. The Tattoo Crew have had 4 solid weeks in a row but that has translated into just a 2-2 record. If they continue their production, they could topple T.N.T. in the UFFA's game of the week. But T.N.T. will have something to say about that. A win will prove that this team is not a fluke.

Last meeting: In their only meeting ever, the Tattoo Crew defeated T.N.T. 55-27.

The Line: T.N.T. by 2.5

Trends: Tattoo Crew lost their only road game while T.N.T. is 2-0 at home. Tattoo Crew is #3 scoring team. T.N.T. is the only team ever to start 4-0. First of 3 straight road games for the Crew.

Expansion teams meet for the first time
Jorsemen Wolfpack
(3-1) (0-4)


This is the first meeting between the two expansion teams in the UFFA ever. So far both teams have gone in opposite directions. The Jorsemen have been on a season long roll with one minor speed bump. While the Wolfpack are STILL trying to get that ever-elusive first victory. The feeling around the league before the season was exactly the opposite. The Wolfpack could go a long way towards getting public opinion on their side with a win.

Last meeting: This is the first meeting ever of expansion teams in the UFFA.

The Line: Jorsemen by 5.5

Trends: Jorsemen are 2-0 on the road. Wolfpack is 0-1 at home, losing opening day. Jorsemen have outscored opponents by average of 22.5 points last two weeks. Two of Wolfpack's losses have been by 3 or fewer points.

Warriors put streak on the line
Night Hawks Warriors
(2-2) (3-1)


The Hawks are trying to find an identity. They have lost two games and won two games and don't know which is their real team. They have never lost 2 in a row, while the Warriors have never lost at the Beaver Dome. Something has got to give as the Warriors want to rebound after losing in week 4 and get starting WR Marvin Harrison back in the lineup.

Last meeting: The Warriors won their second of five straight in week 3 of 2001 against the Night Hawks, 55-40.

The Line: Warriors by 6

Trends: Warriors have never lost at home, while the Hawks have never lost 2 games in a row. Hawks won their only other road game in week one. Hawks begin a 3-game stretch of Halas division opponents.

Roscoes hope to rebound against another Landry foe
Outlaws Roscoes
(1-3) (3-1)


For the second week in a row, the Roscoes will host a game against a struggling Landry division team. The Outlaws got a big win in week 4 to finally give them a win and put them back in the race in the Landry. The Roscoes meanwhile, lost for the first time this season in their first home game this season. They try to break into the win column at home in week 5.

Last meeting: The Outlaws defeated the Roscoes on their way to the championship in week 9 last year, 62-50.

The Line: Roscoes by 4.5

Trends: Halas division is 7-1 outside of the division. The Roscoes took the only loss last week. Outlaws picked up their first win last week but are 0-3 outside of the division. Roscoes had their first home game last week.

Big trade gets first test
Stallions Fightin' Antz
(1-3) (2-2)


One of the major trades of the week will be out front and center for everybody to compare immediately. The Stallions traded RB Ricky Williams to the Antz but not before expressing concerns that he could be the downfall of them this week. But Porsch decided to pull the trigger anyway. And now must watch and see if he made the call and risk second-guessing on Monday. And the Antz now feel they are unstoppable and can prove it with a big win in week 5.

Last meeting: The Chumps beat the Slackers in a shootout, 83-77 in week 10 of 2001.

Fightin' Antz by 4

Trends: Stallions are #11 in the league in scoring. First home game and division game for the Antz since a week one loss.