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T.N.T. looking to match 2001 W total. So are the Dozen.
Dirty Dozen T.N.T.
(0-3) (3-0)


The Dirty Dozen streak(you know the one) continues unabated. But nonetheless, the games must be played. The Dozen need this win not only to put an end to the carnage, but also to have an inkling of hope in their division. Meanwhile T.N.T. has gotten off to a great start in winning their first 3 games after just 4 last year. Both teams look to match their season totals from a year ago in this game.

Last meeting: T.N.T. defeated the Dirty Dozen in week 10 of 2001 49-26 at Losch Field.

The Line: T.N.T. by 11

Trends: Well of course there is that streak. T.N.T. has won their only home game this season as well as their only division game this year. All time Dirty Dozen is 0-7 on the road.

Tattoo Crew need win to keep up in Halas.
Wolfpack Tattoo Crew
(0-3) (1-2)


In the high powered division that is the Halas, the Tattoo Crew could very well be overmatched. Their only hope is to take care of the games they are supposed to win. This week qualifies as one of those. As a couple Halas division teams beat up on each other, they have to capitalize as they face the expansion team without a win. The Wolfpack have found out that the going is not easy in the UFFA. And looking at this week's matchup, it doesn't get any easier.

Last meeting: This is their first meeting.

The Line: Tattoo Crew by 9.5

Trends: Tattoo Crew is ending a 3-game homestand while the Wolfpack are ending a 3-game road trip. Tattoo Crew are 1-0 outside of their division while the Wolfpack are 0-2 on the road.

Old rivalry renewed.
Jorsemen Night Hawks
(2-1) (2-1)


The old rivalry between the Jorsemen and the Night Hawks resumes in their first ever meeting in the newer and better UFFA. This could brew as the best inter-division rivalry in the early going of the UFFA. The Jorsemen are turning heads but need to keep it going with T.N.T. getting off to their hot start. The Night Hawks are having a solid season, thus far. A coaching blunder is what has kept them from 3-0. This week marks the beginning of a tough stretch for the Hawks as they play teams with a combined 10-2 record in the next four weeks.

Last meeting: This is their first a LONG time. Unless you count week 11 of the 1999 season when the Jorsemen won 75-53. But we won't.

The Line: At the risk of jinxing myself AGAIN, Night Hawks by 3

Trends: Night Hawks begin a 4-game stretch outside of the Landry division and end a 3-game homestand. Both teams have scored the same amount of points and have had the same amount of points scored against them.

Roscoes put 3-0 record on the line against desperate Antz.
Fightin' Antz Roscoes
(1-2) (3-0)


The Roscoes are one of 3 teams that could become the first 4-0 teams in the UFFA ever. They dodged a bullet as WR Randy Moss wasn't suspended by the UFFA this week in regards to his run in with the law. Add to that the questionable status of Antz RB Marshall Faulk, and things are going the Roscoes way so far this year. The Antz have looked terrible so far this season, but are still just a game back of the Hawks in the Landry division. So a win is crucial for them.

Last meeting: The Antz defeated the Roscoes WAY back in week 3 of 2001 58-38.

The Line: Roscoes by 13

Trends: This is the first game at WTC Memorial for the Roscoes all season. Antz are ending a 3-game road trip. Halas division is 6-0 outside of their division. Roscoes have #3 offense in the league, while the Antz are #10.

Game of the Week features top 2 offenses.
Warriors Rynos
(3-0) (2-1)


Yet another great Halas game this week as the top 2 offenses in the league square off. The Rynos are coming off a loss to the Roscoes when they were the second highest scoring team in the UFFA. They want this one just as bad as a win coupled with a Roscoes loss could create a 3-team logjam at the top of the division. The Warriors are undefeated also and have been quiet in talk, but loud in scoring doing it. This is a major test for these two teams. Although the outcome may not affect things as much as you would think. This division should be beating each other up all season.

Last meeting: Warriors defeated the Rynos 48-35 in week 6 of 2001.

The Line: Warriors by 2.5

Trends: As mentioned earlier, the Warriors are the #1 offense and the Rynos are #2 in the UFFA so far this season. This is already the Rynos 3rd division game of the season. They've split the first two. Rynos have had the most points scored against them.

Who will be owner of Slackers when this game is over?
Outlaws Slackers
(0-3) (1-2)


Well the answer is: not Tim. The Slackers underwent an ownership change during the week and the question is how will his players react? The Outlaws may be looking at their best chance to pull out a victory as the team is in disarray. But don't underestimate this team as the new ownership may bring better results. So Chris makes his debut against the struggling, reigning UFFA champion Outlaws(how many more losses before I have to drop the champion part?)

Last meeting: Outlaws beat the Slackers 85-40 in week 5 of 2001.

The Line: Slackers by 4

Trends: Slackers won there only game in the division while the Outlaws are playing their first game in the division.