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Could it happen?
Dirty Dozen Tattoo Crew
(0-2) (0-2)


Well all eyes should be on this one in week 3. Everybody knows about the Dirty Dozen's streak of 14 straight games without a win. But what many don't know is that the only team that they beat was the Tattoo Crew in week 1 of the 2001 season. And their last meeting was a 9 point margin. The Tattoo Crew have been on a hard luck streak and hope that the Dozen is just what the doctor ordered. And they sure do NOT want to be the team to break the streak. But somebody has to be......right?

Last meeting: Tattoo Crew sneaked by the Dirty Dozen 69-60 in week 7 of 2001.

The Line: Tattoo Crew by 9

Trends: Dirty Dozen have lost 14 in a row. Dirty Dozen is the lowest scoring team in '02. Tattoo Crew are #3. Teams are averaging 91 ppg. vs. Tattoo Crew. This is the first non-division opponent for the Crew.

T.N.T. looking for respect
T.N.T. Outlaws
(2-0) (0-2)


Regarded around the league as the weakest remaining undefeated team, T.N.T. could earn a bit of respect if they were to go into Walter Payton Memorial and steal a victory. The oddsmakers have installed the winless Outlaws as the favorites and that should not sit well with T.N.T. The Outlaws need to find a way to break through this week or risk falling 2 games behind in the well-balanced Landry division.

Last meeting: T.N.T. defeated the Outlaws 64-30 in week 12 of 2001.

The Line: Outlaws by 2.5

Trends: Outlaws still have not played a division team T.N.T. was only 2-6 vs. the Landry division in 2001.

Wolfpack could stick it to the Commish
Wolfpack Night Hawks
(0-2) (1-1)


This is one of the games that owner Steve Ustrak and Joe Semro marked on their calendars when the schedule came out. The other was a week one meeting with the Roscoes. That one ended up in a loss so the Wolfpack have to win this one or not have the luxury of bragging rights with either team until next year. The Night Hawks have a different motivation. After coming out strong in week one, they were flat last week. They want to show the UFFA that their real team was out there in week one.

Last meeting: This is their first meeting.

The Line: Night Hawks by 5

Trends: Night Hawks have never lost 2 games in a row. Second of 3 straight home games for the Hawks, while the Wolfpack are on the 2nd of a 3-game road trip. Wolfpack #10 in scoring. The Hawks are tied for #1.....outside of Halas division.

Slackers need victory for legitimacy
Slackers Jorsemen
(1-1) (1-1)


Coming off a good win against the Night Hawks, the Slackers could put to rest any doubt about the talent of their team by winning two in a row. The question of the week is this: Will Tim start Jimmy Smith? That remains to be seen. The Jorsemen want to win and let everybody know that they won't be doormats this season. With star RB Charlie Garner not playing this week due to a bye week, we could see a VERY low-scoring game.

Last meeting: This is their first meeting.

The Line: Slackers by 1.5

Trends: Slackers alternate home-away games next 7 weeks. Won their only road game last week. Jorsemen dropped their home opener last week.

Halas battle for first
Roscoes Rynos
(2-0) (2-0)


This is without a doubt the game of the week as it is the only game that pits undefeated teams against each other. On top of that, the Rynos were humiliated by the Roscoes in the playoffs last season. This is one of the top rivalries in the league as fires burn deep. And to top it all off, both teams are playing well. This will be a fun game to keep an eye on throughout the day on Sunday. The Roscoes are earning more respect every week. While the Rynos have plenty of it. The Roscoes would like nothing more than to take some of that away from them.

Last meeting: Roscoes hammered Rynos 104-45 in round one of the 2001 playoffs.

The Line: Rynos by 7

Trends: Last game of a 3-game road trip to open the season for the Roscoes. Roscoes first division game. Rynos #2 offense in UFFA. #1 all-time. Rynos beat Roscoes by average margin of 27 points in 2 regular season meetings in 2001.

Warriors home field advantage daunting task for Antz
Fighting Antz Warriors
(1-1) (2-0)


Speaking of undefeated teams, the Warriors are the quietest of the bunch. While many teams across the league are talking about the surprise of T.N.T. being 2-0, and the high profile success of the Roscoes and Rynos, the Warriors are 2-0 and lead the league in scoring. And not a word has been heard by their owner. Funny, that is what happened last year when the Warriors made it to Magoo Bowl I. The Antz got what they needed last week with a victory against the expansion Jorsemen. But the going gets tougher in week 3 as they go into a place where the home team has never lost.

Last meeting: Antz defeated the Warriors 64-39 in week 7 of 2001.

The Line: Warriors by 4

Trends: Antz only non-division franchise with winning record vs. Warriors(1-0). Warriors have never lost at Beaver Dome. Warriors top scoring O in UFFA.