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Roscoes don't wanna be the "one"
Roscoes Dirty Dozen
(1-0) (0-1)


Well the Dirty Dozen's troubles have now been going on for 13 regular season weeks in a row. And breaking it this week is going to be tough. The Dozen face the 3rd highest scoring team from week one, the Roscoes. Every Dirty Dozen game from here on out will be a big one as their opponent does not want to be the "one" to break their losing streak. For the Roscoes, the focus isn't on breaking a losing streak as much as it is starting a winning streak. A week one victory went a long way in convincing some that they are a team with the firepower to hang in the Halas division.

Last meeting: Roscoes defeated the Dirty Dozen 52-20 in week 6 of 2001.

The Line: Sorry Tom. Roscoes by 6

Trends: Dirty Dozen have lost 13 straight regular season games. Roscoes have won 3 of last 4 road games. Roscoes swept 2 games from Dozen in '01.

Wolfpack looking for win no. 1
Wolfpack T.N.T.
(0-1) (1-0)


The expansion team was given a rude welcome to the league by the Roscoes in week one of the 2002 season. They took a thorough beating and hope to have learned from it. Starting the right guys is what fantasy football is all about, and they definitely didn't do that last week. They had more points on their bench than in their starting lineup. The Wolfpack hope that a clash with a division rival is what they need. T.N.T. come off a convincing victory in week one against a team that went 7-6 in 2001. Although it is a good start, they want to continue their fortunes this week and take charge of the Lombardi as they play their first home game.

Last meeting: This is their first meeting.

The Line: Wolfpack still can't do it. T.N.T. by 4

Trends: T.N.T. just 1-5 at home, including 5 straight losses. Just one point shy of team record for points in week one. Wolfpack's first ever road game.

Antz look to rebound against the "other" mexican owner
Fightin' Antz Jorsemen
(0-1) (1-0)


The surprise of week one, the Jorsemen, hope they have somebody else break out in this game. In week one it was RB Charlie Garner. Who will it be in week two? The Fightin' Antz are hoping nobody. They come off a terrible week that had them as the lowest scoring team in the league with just 36 points. If they don't do something this week, it could be a long season for the Antz. The Jorsemen would love to come in and win their home opener. That would give them more wins than some people thought they could have all season.

Last meeting: This is their first meeting.

The Line: Faulk does well on turf. Fightin' Antz by 5

Trends: Antz have won 3 of last 4 road games. First home game for Jorsemen.

Hard luck Tattoo Crew hoping for similar output
Warriors Tattoo Crew
(1-0) (0-1)


Last season, the Warriors were supposedly running on luck. Well the Tattoo Crew proved in week one that there is something to it. But in a bad way. They were the 2nd highest scoring team in the league, but lost to the highest scoring team. The Crew are a solid team and it should take quite a bit for the Warriors to defeat them. And I don't know if they have it in them. But of course, they ARE the Rodney Dangerfield of the UFFA. If they win, they will be right in the thick of things early in the season. And that is where you want to be.

Last meeting: Tattoo Crew defeated the Warriors 85-37 in week 12 of 2001.

The Line: Crew get what they should have last week. Tattoo Crew by 4

Trends: Warriors were 6-2 vs. the Halas division in '01. Tattoo Crew had 4 of their 5 wins at home(4-2).

High-flying Rynos seek an easier win
Rynos Outlaws
(1-0) (0-1)


A week after sweating out a victory over a division opponent, the Rynos take it on the road. They will go head to head against the team that they are trying to unseat as UFFA champions. The Outlaws play their second straight non-division opponent after losing a tough one last week. If they are to be a factor in the division race, they have to take care of these early non-division opponents, or they could find themselves with a VERY early 2-game deficit. And sometimes you gotta realize, at the end of the season, these games are just as important.

Last meeting: Outlaws defeated the Rynos 73-53 in week 10 of 2001.

The Line: Rynos stay hot. Rynos by 8.5

Trends: Rynos now 9-0 when scoring 70+(screwed up last week). Outlaws were 4-1 vs. Halas division in '01 and 4-2 at home.

Hawks look to open up 2-game lead
Slackers Night Hawks
(0-1) (1-0)


The co-owners of last year's team square off for the first time this season. The Night Hawks could open up a 2-game lead in the division with a win. A win will definitely give them a 2-game lead on the Slackers. This is the ghost team. Trying to win it just based on the draft. I've never seen anybody do it. So they better hope that they either get on the ball, or that Warner and Holt take over the NFL. If they do, we just might see these guys in the playoffs yet. Unfortunately, that would mean that a more deserving team would be out of the playoffs.

Last meeting: Night Hawks defeated the Slackers 45-37 in week 11 of 2001.

The Line: I hate being the fav., but screw it. Night Hawks by 7

Trends: Hawks 5-2 at home in '01, 6-2 vs. Landry division. Slackers just 3-5 vs. Landry.