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Dirty Dozen seeks to rebound
Jorsemen Dirty Dozen
(1st season) (1-12 in '01)


The expansion Jorsemen begin the season against a team that pretty much played like an expansion team in 2001. After an extremely disappointing(to put it mildly) season that saw them win just one game, the Dirty Dozen are looking to take out their frustrations on a team that could potentially be just as bad. The Dirty Dozen hope to begin this season the way they began last season, with a victory at Losch Field. They head into this season with the hope a new season brings. With a completely revamped lineup, this could be just the matchup they needed in week one. The Jorsemen begin play knowing they made mistakes in the draft, but hoping to bring it and upsetting a few people. Although that most likely will not happen this week. This one could get pretty ugly, pretty quick.

Last meeting: This is their first meeting.

The Line: Dirty Dozen by 14

Trends: Dirty Dozen's only win in '01 was at home. Dozen have lost 12 in a row.

Slackers out to prove they can do it themselves
T.N.T. Slackers
(4-9 in '01) (7-6 in '01)

AT C.L.Stadium

Last year was a bit of an altogether wasted season for T.N.T. Injuries really kept them from knowing just how good of a team they put together at the draft. And although they enter the season with another injury-prone team, the fact is, when healthy, their RBs look good. After a 4-win season in 2001, they have to find a way to show that they are indeed a team to be reckoned with in the 2002 season. The Slackers have something else they have to prove. That they are capable of running a team for the full 13 weeks, and possibly beyond after the debacle of last season. Their hope for 2002 is repeating their 7-6 season. In the new 12-team format, that will almost assuredly guarantee a playoff spot.

Last meeting: Slackers defeated T.N.T. 64-34 in week 7 of 2001.

The Line: T.N.T. by 4.5

Trends: 3 of T.N.T's 4 wins in '01 were on the road.

Wolfpack want to make a statement
Roscoes Wolfpack
(5-8 in '01) (First season)


After making the playoffs in '01 with a 5-8 record, the Roscoes know they will have to do better than that to repeat their postseason feat this season. They begin their trek to prove they belong among the elite in the league with this week one matchup against the UFFA's other expansion team. The Wolfpack entered the league with considerably less fanfare than the other expansion team, but have put together a better team. Like the other team, they will begin their UFFA schedule in a home game as they break in Semtrak in their only game of the season against the Roscoes.

Last meeting: This is their first meeting.

The Line:Roscoes by 6

Trends: Roscoes have lost their last 3 regular season games. Roscoes were only 1-4 outside of Halas division in '01.

Scoring title will not be enough for Rynos this year
Tattoo Crew Rynos
(4-9 in '01) (8-5 in '01)


The Rynos were unstoppable last season when it came to scoring points, topping 70 points 9 times in the 13 weeks. However in the weeks they did NOT score 70, they were 0-4. That forced them to play an extra game in the playoffs, and they never made it past that game. This year they are hoping to avoid that by coming back strong and leading in a more important category than points, and that is wins, of course. In one of two week 1 division meetings in the UFFA, they take on the Tattoo Crew. They survived realignment only because of the Dirty Dozen's horrible season. In fact they were the only team that lost to them. But this is a new season and they would like to start off on the right foot(don't we all) to lift the doubts of the fans.

Last meeting: Rynos defeated the Tattoo Crew 105-54 in week 9 of 2001.

The Line: Rynos by 7

Trends: Tattoo Crew was just 1-6 on the road in '01. Rynos were 6-2 in '01 in the Halas division.

Magoo Bowl I rematch comes early
Outlaws Warriors
(9-4 in '01) (10-3 in '01)


Week one brings a rematch of the pinnacle of the UFFA, the Magoo Bowl. The last time either of these teams were on a field, they were playing each other with the Outlaws coming out on top. Publicly, the Warriors are claiming that revenge is not a factor. However, you know deep down, they do not want to lose again to a team that took their championship aspirations away last season. The Outlaws have to go out and show people that they are indeed back for another go at it and will not be satisfied with just one Magoo Bowl championship. And the Warriors somehow STILL have to go out and earn respect from the rest of the league, who somehow were not impressed with their 10-win season.

Last meeting: Outlaws defeated the Warriors 54-39 in Magoo Bowl I.

The Line: Warriors by 4

Trends: Warriors are an amazing 7-0 at home during the regular season and 1-0 in the postseason. Both teams are 4-1 outside of their own division.

The brothers are back at it
Night Hawks Fightin' Antz
(8-5 in '01) (9-4 in '01)


While teams in the previous matchup are claiming not to be out for revenge, this matchup is completely different. Both owners have a deep animosity towards the other team and would like nothing more than to beat them in week one and start them off on the wrong foot. The Night Hawks' owner and UFFA commissioner Marco Santana is reportedly angered at the Fightin' Antz ownership for raising the fine levied on him at the draft. His players are told daily to play this game as if it was their last. The Antz on the other hand also are out for revenge. After they owned the Hawks during the regular season, they were bounced from the playoffs by them(ha ha!!)

Last meeting: Night Hawks, then the Gorillaz defeated the Fightin' Antz, then Charity's Chumps, 71-41 in the division playoffs of 2001.

The Line: Antz by 4.5

Trends: Antz have won 5 straight regular season games, the longest current streak in the league.